40 Days for Life Sidewalk Prayer Vigil

Please join with others who are part of theStone Church family and other churches in praying to end abortion. Each church will adopt a different day of the week to be out on the Whitewater Park sidewalk across from Scooter’s as Prayer Warriors from 7 am – 7 pm. This years campaign runs from September 27 – November 5.

You can sign-up for a time slot or time slots by going to the 40 Days for Life website and finding the Manchester, Iowa Campaign link, or by emailing or texting Craig Hutton at craighutton623@gmail.com or 563-920-4158.   Signs will be made available to hold while praying.  Anyone signing up to pray at the vigil site needs to be with at least one other person.

TheStone Church has adopted Monday as it’s “Heroes Day” to be out on the sidewalk praying.

Please contact Craig Hutton for more information or if you have questions.

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